The International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health’s mission is to foster communication among scientists, students, clinicians and public health professionals who share an interest in finding ways to use evolutionary biology to improve health, and finding ways to use studies of disease to advance evolutionary biology. Its main enterprises are its flagship journal, Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health, its online news and information exchange, The Evolution & Medicine Review, creation and curation of online education resources, organizing networks of scientists and students, and organizing meetings such as this one. The Society also sponsors the $5,000 Gil Omenn Prize for the best paper in any journal, and the $5,000 George C. Williams Prize for the best paper published in Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health, and creative ventures such as Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Evolutionary Medicine.

Members get a discount on EMPH publication fees, a discount on meeting fees, and a 25% discount on all Oxford University Press books. More important, members get opportunities to work with other members to develop the field, and their own knowledge, research, and scientific connections.

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